Washington DC Trip Information

Click the links below for final trip information:

  • Washington DC Trip Final Itinerary as of 4.3.23
    • Note: Many meals are included in this trip, but students will need to bring money for 1 breakfast, 5 lunches, and 3 dinners. Additional money for souvenirs is recommended.
    • Students should will dress nice for the musical on Thursday. All other days are casual clothing. School dress code is enforced on the trip.
    • Students should also bring the normal items to wear under their uniform (navy blue t-shirt, athletic shorts, long black socks, and black gloves).
    • Each student may bring the following:
      • One suitcase
      • One carry-on bag
        • Electronic devices can only be used with headphones, ear buds, or air pods
      • Uniform in garment bag
      • Shako in shako box
      • Instrument, or Visual Equipment (flag, baton)
      • Pillow
      • Blanket
      • A charging device for cell phones is highly recommended
  • Medication Forms DC Trip 2023
    • If your child takes any medications that need to be administered by our staff during the trip, please download, fill out, and return these forms to us by Monday, April 10.
    • The first form is a general medication form.
    • The second form allows us to administer Tylenol, as needed
    • The third form allows us to administer Advil, as needed
  • Please see the image below for details on joining our trip "Remind" text system. This is a requirement for all trip participants and chaperones.
Remind Texts for Trip.001

Letter from our School Nurse:

Hi Band parents!
I apologize for not attending the trip meeting on 4/3.  A family emergency prevented my attendance.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding health or medication for the field trip.
You may have noticed a new change for this year's trip.  Yes, Dr. Bender will have Tylenol and Ibuprofen to administer to your child in case of headaches, pain, cramps, etc.  We are trying to eliminate the need for a million separate bottles to be taken on the trip.  Kids do experience these things, so we don't want them to suffer needlessly.  However, Dr. Bender will have a list of students who have the permission forms signed and turned in.  He will only be able to provide medication to those who have the form.
If your student takes daily medication at any time, please let me know.  Birth control pills, daily allergy medication such as Zyrtec, and a few others are fine to keep in the student's luggage.  If not sure, ask!  I can be reached most easily by email at lhallmark@shelbyed.org.  I will be checking it as often as possible over the next week to make sure everything is clarified. ALL controlled medication such as ADHD medicines and certain medications for anxiety/depression must be kept by Dr. Bender.  This is for the safety of all students.
I need all forms and medication turned in by Monday, April 10 @ 3pm.  This is to make sure that I can get things organized for Dr. Bender in order to leave on time on April 12.